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Welcome to POPCORNOGRAPHY – the film critique and review blog

Growing up in the small town of Dundee in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, there was never much to do as a teenager. As a result many turned to the art of cow tipping and binge drinking while others turned to the art of film. As I turned to the latter, and occasionally the former, the idea for Popcornography began to blossom.

Popcornography will pay tribute to my personal filmic personality developed during those dark days of Dundee-dom. Currently I am a marketing intern for a South African based film production company. Thus if you find yourself yearning for an inside look into the South African film landscape as well as local projects and news, Popcornography may just be for you.

For blockbuster buzz, inside news, movie previews and reviews, as well as tributes to the classics check in regularly. It may be crass and, admittedly, uncouth at times. More often than not it will be risqué. However, if you crave an informative and fresh take on film locally and abroad do not miss out on Popcornography. Or do. Whatever.

Popcornography by definition is to be selfish with ones popcorn whilst moaning in pleasure to make others jealous (Urban Dictionary). Embrace the guilty pleasure, satisfy the urge and follow Popcornography. Because there is no business like show business but most of all because:

nobody puts Browning in the corner

  1. This is an impressive site. Great job, Matt.

  2. love the blog & the name Matt!

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