Requiem for a Dream

Harry… can you come today?” spoken by Jennifer Connelly  in the 2000 drama film Requiem for a Dream.

This quote may seem random. However, when contextualized in terms of the film and its placement therein, it deserves noteworthy mention. By this point in the film, you have witnessed how Harry and Marion are unable to escape the downward spiral of drug addiction. Put simply, you have already been emotionally violated numerous times by director Darren Aronofsky. Harry and Marion are separated in their desperate efforts to satisfy their insatiable addictions. The quote occurs during a telephone conversation between the distressed lovers when their circumstances are most dire. This is the scene that gets me every time. Jennifer Connelly in distress is not good for my emotional well-being. This is one of those movies that stays with you long after the credits roll and keeps you awake at night. Despite how distressing this scene is, the film continues to grow increasingly traumatizing until its dramatic conclusion. Old ladies go cray cray and undergo electroconvulsive therapy whilst others lose limbs and resort to degrading sexual conduct in return for drugs. It’s not easy to watch, especially Jennifer’s story. Point is, this movie doesn’t put you in a happy place. It’s hideously disturbing and will trap you in a glass case of emotion… but it’s awesome.

Hugs not drugs:

  1. I watched this movie about a year ago, it disturbed me to soberness forever, I cannot watch it again- the gruesome vivid images are still in my head. Jared Leto’s performance was amazing; he should act more and sing less.

    • I KNOW! I love Jared in this movie! Have you seen him in American Psycho? Although his role is minor, it’s very humorous and totally entertaining! Act more and sing less. He didn’t get the memo obviously 😦

      • no I haven’t seen American Psycho but I’ll check it out

    • July 12th, 2012

    Such a sad disturbing movie…. Good quote!

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    • I love wonderful comments such as yours! Thank you for visiting and I will do my utmost to keep you interested 🙂

    • saints2010
    • August 27th, 2013

    A fantastic film. It really shows the horrors of drug addiction. The music is sensational. It just keeps building and building as the drugs take hold of their victims.
    Is it Ellen Burstyn, who plays Jared Leto’s mother? She is really quite wonderful as the woman with the diet pill addiction.
    How can you love such a shocker of a film? Easily! Because it is directed, acted and filmed with complete and utter brilliance.
    A true classic indeed!

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