Easy A

[Speaking in a Southern accent] ”Oh happy day Mama! Oh, I thought I was gonna have to spend my dowry on booze and pills to numb the loneliness. A gentleman caller! Hooray!” spoken by Emma Stone in the 2010 teen comedy film Easy A directed by Will Gluck.

If I were a movie, I would want to be Easy A. If you have read any of my Spider-man posts you will know I am an avid Emma Stone fan AND this is why. There are many awkward high school films that appear every so often, so when one arrives that is truly genuinely funny it is a rare occurrence. Easy A lies heavily on Emma’s shoulders and thankfully she delivers. It is near impossible to not fall in love with Miss Stone. Her quirky, quick-witted humour is endlessly endearing and she really makes you care for the character which is scarce in awkward teen films.

There are many things that I love about Easy A. Firstly Emma’s aloof and nonchalant relationship with her parents is just delightful. I was delighted. I am even delighted thinking about it now. Secondly, when directors play with conservative religion as a theme it is ALWAYS intriguing and a bit risky. Love it! But perhaps Easy A’s finest quality is its many references to old-school teen comedies which evoke fond film memories whilst concurrently making the entire experience feel fresh and significantly deeper than other simple teen comedies. But allow me to reiterate how awesome Emma is. This was her first starring role since her smaller performances in Superbad, The House Bunny etc. Once the Easy A credits role, you really do leave yearning for more of Emma’s charismatic quick-wit. This is largely why she is so sought after at the moment. She is witty, aloof, quirky and so charming I could die. I may build a shrine.

I love you Emma

Oh! And Friends fans will be pleased with Lisa Kudrow’s performance in this movie as the more than questionable school guidance counsellor. I definitely was.

Offbeat, HILARIOUS, quick-witted with a touch of sex appeal. Don’t miss Easy A.

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