Troll 2

This post is going to be quite peculiar. Many even go as far to say that it may be the worst film of all time. So you may wonder what it is doing on the prestigious blog that is Popcornography. I will tell you. Troll 2 is so bad, and I mean really REALLY bad, that it is actually good. This may be the only movie that I have ever seen that completely fails at almost every aspect of film-making and yet is able to retain its watch ability. But please note that this movie was not intended to be the train wreck that it is. It is no Snakes on a Plane. This was a horror project which failed dismally. Troll 2, although produced back in 1990, has received much attention of late purely because it is just so darn bad. Subsequently, Troll 2 has mustered an intense cult following and has even given rise to the documentary entitled; Best Worst Movie. The documentary was released in 2009 and follows and chronicles the films surprisingly large cult following.

Trolls? Goblins? Tiny men in potato sacks? Fail.

The strange thing about Troll 2 is that it has nothing to do with trolls of any kind. A movie entitled Troll was released at some point or another but it has no relation to Troll 2 whatsoever. Troll 2 is about vegetarian goblins that pursue a family. The goblins stalk and taunt the family. The goblins, being vegetarian, seek to turn the victimized family members into vegetable-human hybrids so that they can then eat them. Like I said… BIZZARE.  The son, Joshua, is also warned of the goblins by his dead grandfather and there was also something about a woman seducing male characters with popcorn. This made no sense. Well, especially this…

Popcornography in practice?

“You can’t piss on hospitality!” – If only the dad were right…

Goblin make-up must have taken hours

Before I watched the movie, I made sure to check out the documentary that received critical success upon release in 2009. The child star from the movie (Michael Stephenson), details the struggles resulting from participating in the infamous film. The actors involved hid their shame for their entire lives and their careers in showbiz were consequently doomed. With the success of its re-release, in addition to its extensive fan base, these failed wannabe actors are finally getting some attention. It’s a little late however. Shame.

The documentary is very interesting. The director is a freak who still maintains that his film is a ‘masterpiece’. His wife was responsible for the script of Troll 2. Apparently she was “pissed off” that all her friends became vegetarian and decided to portray her frustration in a ‘horror’ film?? Both the director and wife can barely speak English. According to the cast, they were mostly kept in the dark with regards to the confusing script and concept. Thus they were devastated when they finally bared witness to the VHS release years later. Unanticipated shame is the worst kind. I must reiterate how truly deluded these people are. The director is a self-righteous douche. The editor of the film went as far to say that Troll 2 is, and I quote, “a ferocious analysis of modern day society.” What is happening!? Am I even surprised that the drug-store owner was played by a mental patient who was high for the majority of production? No.

Mental disorders and marijuana do not lead to Oscar nominations

Troll 2 proves that the world is a crazy place. If you want to experience one of the most shocking, ridiculous and low budget films LIKE EVER, watch Troll 2. Some of my favourite moments include lines delivered by the daughter and mother. You have never seen anything this horrendous (I can assure you) and yet fascination urges you to continue watching. It’s truly odd. Additionally, the infamous “Oh my God” scene has received over three million hits on Youtube and many techno remixes and mash-ups exist. Some people have too much time.

The infamous “Oh my Gaaaaaaahhhhd” scene. Oh em gee 

Check out the modern Troll 2 trailer for the re-release. Dramatic or ridiculous? Mostly ridiculous. 

  1. Yeah, Troll 2 is my favorite unintended trash comedy!

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