Celeste and Jessie Forever

It feels like we have been hearing about Celeste and Jessie Forever, forever! The much anticipated indie ‘rom-com’ directed by Lee Toland Krieger was released in the US in early August and has yet to arrive in South Africa. The film stars Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg who recently appeared at the MTV VMA’s to further promote the film. Rashida you may recognise from The Social Network whereas you may recognise Andy from numerous popular SNL shorts performed over the years. When I heard about this film, I was sure it was going to boast a vast amount of slapstick humour due the Saturday Night freak’s involvement. However, upon watching the trailer I was pleasantly surprised.

The newly divorced lovers struggle to maintain their relationship whilst pursuing new love interests. The trailer implies that the movie is going to be far more melancholic and heartfelt than I originally thought. And you know how Popcornography loves melancholia. I expect we are going to fall in love with their unconventional relationship dynamic and it seems that the movie will provide social commentary on true love and the hardships of separation. I am not sure about you, but we here at Popcornography love a little relationship drama.

Cutesy, offbeat romance is the best kind of romance

You may want a list of reasons to watch this movie? Luckily for you, I made one. Here it is.  Ahem…

  • Cutesy, offbeat romance is the best kind of romance
  • It is refreshing to watch Andy be associated with something else besides his infamous “Jizz in my Pants” song…
  • Rashida is charming and we love her
  • Celeste and Jessie Forever has received favourable critical acclaim
  • Duh-rama!
  • Also Emma Roberts plays a Britney Spears type idol and Elijah Wood plays a gay-best-friend-esque role. Interesting!
  • But most of all we are so sick of hearing about this movie. Can we see it yet?

Please Andy. Less “Jizz in my Pants” and more melancholia. Thanks

If you are planning to watch a rom-com in 2012, it most certainly should be Celeste and Jessie Forever.

For more offbeat rom-com goodness check out the trailer! In fact, Popcornography insists.

  1. the trailer just made me cry!

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