The Little Mermaid

Life is full of tough choices, innit?!,” spoken by Ursula in the 1989 animated musical fantasy The Little Mermaid by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Here at Popcornography we love Disney. Old-school Disney was something remarkable back in the day and today there is nothing that quite lives up to the splendour of those Disney gems we grew up with. Disney films were meticulously crafted and complimented by glorious soundtracks of which Alan Menken was mostly responsible. God bless Alan Menken. Anyway the point is, Disney movies were the thing back in the day. Well before they were tainted by atrocious sequels like Timone and Pumba do New York or Aladdin 5. Whatever.

Today’s Quote of the Day is inspired by the films that characterize many childhoods and more specifically to the most villainous animated Diva that ever was. The tentacles, the voice, the attitude, the BOOTAY, the nefarious plotting and mermaid tormenting. It all works and we LOVE it.


Popcornography just loves it when villains deliver sadistic monologues in song. For  glorious villainy goodness make sure to check out Ursula’s Poor Unfortunate Souls.

  1. Old school Disney Rocks my socks off!

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