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Movie Poster Madness

Popcornography feels that it has been neglecting its I See Dead Posters category for some time. In light of this, Popcornography thought it would share something that has sparked my interest of late. Hollywood loves to rehash films and does the same with film posters! Film posters generally tend to fall into certain categories and as a result can look scarily similar when compared. It is even difficult to differentiate between certain films and Popcornography has been confused all afternoon. Popcornography does not like to be confused.

Take a look at Popcornography’s Top 10 Poster Trends. Ahem…

1) Look Into My Dramatic Eye!

There is nothing quite like an eye close up to stir interest in a film. This poster trend works well for all movie genres- from horror (e.g The Eye) to epic science fiction (e.g Avatar) to children’s animation (e.g Dinosaur). The dramatic eye trend will never die. Bizarre.

2) I’ve Got Your Back In A Cutesy Kind of Way

Ah, The I’ve-got-your-back poster trend. Perhaps one of the more common poster trends and one I particularly loathe. Most commonly occurring as a result of B-grade romantic comedies. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely was cute back in the day. Remember Pretty Woman era? But enough now. If I see Matthew McConaughey in this pose one more time I will kill something.

3) Nature Is Just So Much Prettier In Blue

Urgh. The nature-is-just-so-much-prettier-in-blue trend is really not my kind of film.  This trend is most commonly found around children’s films or films using adorable animals to sell movie tickets. Expect to see whales, dolphins, huskies or all of the above in these movies.

4) I Seem To Have Only One Dress And It’s Red

This trend really shocked me. Good grief… There SURE are A LOT of red dresses in movie posters. This trend often goes unnoticed but has been around forever and often spans across multiple genres and eras. Be wary of this one. It spreads viciously. Somewhere in Hollywood, someone is making a lot of red dresses and A LOT of money.

5) Just Imagine How Hot My Front Must Be

The just-imagine-how-hot-my-front-must-be trend is one that has grown in popularity of late. Super-hero and action movies just love this trend! Let’s be serious, heroes and heroines in these films are far too cool to face forward. This one isn’t going anywhere.

6) I Think My Legs Are Hot And You Should Too

The I-think-my-legs-are-hot-and-you-should-too trend is most commonly the result of awkward/sexy teenage comedies. This trend was once very popular but seems to now be less prominent. It just looks cheap and relies too heavily on sexual imagery. Popcornography doesn’t approve.

7) Someone Wrote All Over My Face

The someone-wrote-all-over-my-face trend is most commonly associated with intellectual films. These film posters are sure to excite graphic design types. These films want to be taken seriously and for some reason writing on faces achieves this…

8) We Are Totally Naked In Bed Right Now

The we-are-totally-naked-and-in-bed-right-now trend will most likely result due to bitter-sweet romance films. Uncomfortable sexual escapades are well conveyed through these posters. It’s Complicated and The Break-Up are prime examples of this trend and show that this trend still holds its ground.

9) White, Black, Orange And Boring

These are the worst kind of movies! As soon as you see the white-black-orange-and-boring poster run for your life! These films are most likely going to be bland action films which will bore you to tears. Except of course for Die Hard. Everybody loves Die Hard.

10) Enticing Facial Close Ups

Lastly, the enticing-facial-close-ups trend is one that cannot go unnoticed. It usually surrounds emotional films that are sure to leave an impact. They may be within differing genres such as horror or drama but these films will definitely leave a mark once the credits roll. The Truman Show, Lord of War and The Dark Knight are Popcornography’s favourite enticing-facial-close-ups posters.

There you have it. Popcornography gives you its 10 Top Poster Trends. Some are cool. Some are not so cool. But there prominence in Hollywood is undeniable.



Today is Alfred Hitchcock’s day of birth. Happy birthday Alfred! Popcornography has been delving into old-school horror of late and has decided to dedicate a post to the father of horror on this auspicious day. Hitchcock has undeniably shaped the suspense and psychological horror film genres through his many great projects. Recently while re-watching The Birds and Vertigo, I came across these very interesting movie posters inspired by Hitchcock’s finest. The posters below are re-imaginings of Hitchcock’s masterpieces by design artist Laz Marquez. Today’s I see Dead Poster’s is my small gift to you Alfred. So happy happy Hitchcock and thank you for the Psycho shower scene that haunts me to this day.

Rear Window (1954)

Vertigo (1958)

Psycho (1960)

The Birds (1963)

For more on The Birds, one of Alfred’s latest endeavours, click here. You won’t be sorry.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Ah, I have always been a Tarantino fan. Kill Bill, in particular, is highly admired here at Popcornography. Uma Thurman sure is an angry one. Uma’s character, “The Bride”, is a former assassin who seeks revenge on her ex-colleagues after they attempt to kill her and massacre her wedding party on her big day’s rehearsal. Eish. That’s unfortunate. Uma manages to survive and the film follows her as she exacts her brutal revenge. And she SURE does get revenge on those who betray her. Heavens. This film, although graphic and at times unsettling, manages to remain fun and pays homage to the martial arts and western film genres whilst being directed with awe-inspiring style. As enjoyable as Uma is, Lucy Liu is amazing as O-Ren Ishii and her back story is explained through a very interesting anime sequence. Not to be missed!

Additionally, the entire marketing campaign for the film focuses around the bright yellow jump suit that “The Bride” wears while slaughtering her enemies with Hattori Hanzo steel.

Bloody, stylized, exciting, captivating and ridiculously funny. Kill Bill is just grand. I love it so much, I still have the poster in my room. True story.

For more on Kill Bill, check out the trailer! 

The Dark Knight

In giddy anticipation of the new installment of Vlermuisman, Popcornography has decided to pay tribute to old Heathy (R.I.P.) with today’s I see Dead Posters. If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight, and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t have, there are things that you should know. Firstly, Christopher Nolan is a genius. Secondly, Heath Ledger’s take on the infamous Joker villain was absolutely awe-inspiring. I miss you Heath. And lastly, super hero movies are currently so trendy largely due to the success of Nolan’s direction with the reboot of the Batman franchise. The Dark Knight Rises, the latest and last installment, opens this week and we can expect that it will not disappoint. So get involved and the review will be a long shortly.

Oh by the way. How awesome is this poster? Gritty, dark and horrifying while referencing one of the more memorable Joker quotes. Bravo Nolan. Bravo.

The Sound of Music

Frolicking along the hillside whilst singing merry songs. That’s the message this musical’s poster wanted to deliver and it did so tremendously. Thank heavens that movie art has come a long way since 1965…

The Silence of the Lambs

The poster of for the 1991 horror film entitled The Silence of the Lambs depicts Jodie Foster’s mouth being covered by a moth. The “Death’s-head Hawkmoth” appears on the posters as well as the movie. In nature the moth does have markings on its thorax that resemble a human skull, however, the markings are not as pronounced as the posters depict. What is actually shown on the moths back is a tiny version of the art work by Salvador Dali which is a photograph of seven naked woman arranged in a skull formation. Interesting! Apparently the seven women are supposed to represent the female victims in the film but are barely noticeable at first glance.

A close up of the moth on Miss Foster’s mouth:

By the way this is one of my all time favourite films. Hopkins and Foster are spectacular and who can forget the scene with Buffalo Bill, his bucket and the bottle of lotion?

Buffalo Bill (to his little dog Precious): “It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.”

Deeply disturbing…

Love it.

American Beauty

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