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Popcornography’s love affair with Gigham

So finally, after weeks of flirting and drunken texting, Popcornography and Gigham are lovers. Gigham for those of you who don’t know, is the SUPER awesome events listing website. Gigham lists all events in Cape Town and Johannesburg and is a beyond convenient way to find out what and where events are happening around you!

Often I find myself invited to things that I have never heard of and consequently need details asap. Thank heavens that Gigham is able to provide such details in a sexy and sleek interface that is sure to excite any visitor. The beauty of Gigham is that its listings comprise of events of all categories. As much as Popcornography needs to know about sexy film events happening in and around Cape Town, sometimes one wants to know just what the eff kind of trance party your friends keep inviting you too. Thanks to Gigham, you can now be an empowered life enthusiast.

Popcornography has been monitoring film events in this way for quite some time. For instance, I know that the African Cinema Unit is presenting tomorrow evening on UCT’s upper campus. I shan’t be going. But surely you can understand why this is so handy?

Are you searching for new and exciting things to do with your life? Are you bored with the regular and routine activities? Are you craving spontaneity and excitement? We at Popcornography are. Luckily there is an answer and y’all now know who to thank- Gigham.

Let us sum up why Popcornography has been crushing on Gigham for some time by means of a simple demonstration. Ahem…

Life before Gigham: Kristen drowning in an ever-consuming vacuum of boredom

Life with Gigham: Anna Faris overwhelmed with bliss and merriment

Get the picture? Popcornography is excited for its relationship to thrive with Gigham. You should be too.

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